Case study: How Relaxland improve biz performance by improving website navigation with Navi+

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Relaxland Company, a particularly successful business in the field of online footwear sales, faced a significant challenge. Despite investing a lot of effort and financial resources into effective marketing campaigns, their website only attracted 20,000 users. Even more concerning was the high user abandonment rate, resulting in insufficient sales to offset business costs.

How does Relaxland realize that navigation is the biggest business problem?

To address this issue, the company conducted detailed qualitative and quantitative research. Through this research, they discovered that customers were truly struggling to find the products they needed on the website. Specifically, customers did not know how to search for product information, leading them to leave the website without making a purchase. This is a serious problem as it directly impacts the company’s sales and profits.

  1. Customers do not know how to search for product information, leading them to leave the website without making a purchase.
  2. Poor navigation makes the customer’s experience on the website difficult and time-consuming.
  3. For those unfamiliar with using the internet, unclear navigation can make them feel confused and not want to continue accessing the site.
  4. Poor navigation also creates a bad impression of the company, reducing customer trust.
  5. Finally, poor website navigation can result in the loss of opportunities for customers to continue shopping, thereby reducing sales and profits.

Relaxland realized that navigation, or the way customers move and search for information on the website, greatly affects business performance. To rectify this, they decided to turn to Navi+, a specialized tool to improve website navigation. The goal of using Navi+ is to create an easier information search experience for customers, thereby reducing the abandonment rate and increasing purchases.

  1. The company has created an easier information search experience for customers, helping to reduce the website abandonment rate.
  2. They have enhanced the customer’s experience on the website, helping customers save time and feel more comfortable when using the website.
  3. By creating easy-to-understand and use navigation, the company has attracted more new users and retained many current users.
  4. Improving navigation has helped increase customer trust in the company and their products.
  5. Lastly, the navigation improvements have helped the company increase sales and profits.

Using Navi+ to improve business performance

After three months of implementing Navi+, the company witnessed positive changes. The business performance of Relaxland Company has significantly improved, demonstrated by a substantial increase in purchases. They are very pleased with this result. Especially, the cost for Navi+ is very small compared to the benefits it brings. This not only helps the company reduce costs but also optimizes profits, and simultaneously enhances customer satisfaction when visiting the website.

Thus, by using Navi+ to improve website navigation, Relaxland has not only solved the high abandonment rate issue but also optimized profits and enhanced customer satisfaction.

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